Protect Your Home with the Beauty of Iron

Iron doors are becoming increasingly more popular. At Arkansas Iron Doors, you’ll find an array of choices and styles to fit any taste and any neighborhood.

Beauty, Versatility, and Safety

With an iron door, your home is protected against intruders, fire and the worst that Mother Nature can deliver. Tested against hurricane-force winds, an iron door should be made of hand-forged 12-gauge metal wrought iron. Available in both single and double doors, each and every one should be carefully designed to have an integrated threshold. Three hinges each have heavy duty greased ball bearings to make opening and closing smooth and effortless.

At Texas Iron Doors, windows are made with dual pane privacy glass. This allows light to penetrate but limits the visibility possible from the street. Each window is a separately hinged glass panel with stability and security that will withstand 2000 pounds of pressure, a formidable deterrent for even the most determined intruder. The seal also affords weather tight protection against condensation.

Options in Design

You may choose a single door, or prefer a wider double-door entry. At Arkansas Iron Doors, either comes with an industry exclusive Thermal Break technology on the bottom of each door. This helps to stop the transfer of heat between the interior and exterior of the door, guarding against freezing.

Both double and single doors are available in a vast array of designs from intricately cut wrought iron spirals to a more contemporary, straight line design. Each pattern is hand-crafted and built by expert craftsmen.

No matter what your design preference, with Arkansas Iron Doors, you’ll get security, privacy, and beauty adorning the entry to you home. You and your family will appreciate the added feeling of safety, along with the versatility of glass panels that open and close allowing air flow or a conversation without opening the door. What are you waiting for? Contact Iron Doors Now for more information.

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