Preservation And Comfort With Exterior Window Awnings

Whether you operate a business or are a homeowner, the windows in your office or home take a beating from constant exposure to the sun and other elements. This alone is one of the factors that can increase maintenance and energy costs. Exterior window awnings provide an affordable and attractive solution for windows which are exposed to the weather.

The Effects of Weather on the Integrity of Your Windows

A constant exposure to ultra violet rays takes its toll on nearly any surface as it can cause fading and weakening of paint coverings. UV rays are combined with rain, snow and wind, these elements can become quite erosive. As the paint begins to wear you’ll notice chipping and peeling which expose the materials underneath. Wood can easily become damaged and begin to dry, crack and deteriorate. Metals are more vulnerable to oxidization and rust. Installing exterior window awnings over these areas can help to preserve the integrity of your windows by providing shading and protection from UV rays and weather. This can extend the life of the covering and keep your windows looking and functioning at their peak for much longer periods in between maintenance.

How Exterior Window Shading Can Cut Energy Costs

An unprotected exterior window becomes much warmer as the sun beats down on it. This can raise the temperature in your home or business by several degrees. The result is an increase in energy costs to bring the inside temperature to a comfortable level. Exterior window awnings prevent the sun from raising the temperature of the interior of a building and reduce the amount of energy it takes to maintain a constant inside temperature, particularly in summer months.

Other Benefits of Exterior Window Awnings

Exterior window awnings enhance the appearance of the homes or businesses which use them. There are many different styles and colors available to choose from. They transform bare window treatments into decorative areas which can be designed to fit in with any landscape or existing exterior decor. Businesses can have custom logos or company names printed directly on the awning to advertise their company.

Where to Find Exterior Window Awnings for Business and Residential

Eclipse Shading Systems is among the leading retailers in providing shading solutions for both residential and commercial use. Their company prides itself on providing a large selection of products which adhere to high quality standards. For your convenience, browse through their website at website to preview their affordable shading solutions.

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