Make a Splash at the Next Trade Show with Great Trade Show Displays and Helpful Success Tips

The way you display your wares, your product literature, and the way your company is presented will all have an impact on how many people you are able to engage at the event as well as how many become leads.

Trade Show Displays

There are a number of ways to set up trade show displays.  There are pop-up trade show displays, there are outdoor booths / stands, hanging signs, banner stands, literature racks, and a variety of branded materials to help.  You can even set things up interactively so that you can engage your audience in a number of ways.

Trade Show Literature

Product / service literature is a must for your tradeshow. It could be as detailed as you want it to be or it could be just enough information to get people visiting your website, signing up for a webinar, or contacting you for an in-person demonstration.  The literature should do a good job of serving as a marketing tool, such as providing a coupon, entry ballot, QR code, and / or some reason for the person holding the literature to engage with your company.

Presentations for the Exhibit

No matter how good your trade show display looks you need people to man the booth that are capable of engaging people. Interactive displays can get them to stop but the people at the booth can get them engaged. Whether you get people to stop with a demo, an interesting presentation, the promise of a freebie, or a great salesperson who is excellent at engaging people, the presentation matters.

A good presentation, an eye-catching and well-branded display, and the ability to present your unique selling proposition will all cumulatively help you succeed at the next trade show you visit.

Tip: Competitive Analysis

Stroll around the trade show and see what others are doing in terms of their display, engagement techniques, and so forth. This can help you immensely in planning for the future.

CRM Tip:

Have a good strategy for not only gaining leads but for following up on those leads, too. Inserting them directly into a customer relationship management system that manages leads could be a good way to not only track how many leads you get per event but also how many of those leads convert. You can analyze your efforts and use data gleaned from those efforts to drive your future strategy.

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