Preparing your Cat for a Visit to the Rancho Santa Fe Vet

Most vets these days aren’t making house calls, so you’ll need to prepare your cat for this visit when it is time for your beloved feline to make it in to the Rancho Santa Fe vet. Preparing for the visit really makes things in your life much simpler –vand will greatly help your purr-fect friend at the same time. Visiting the vet isn’t something your cat wants to do, as you probably know, so making it as easy as you can for everyone is should be your goal.

Preparing for the Vet Visit

First of all, if your cat is not used to riding in a carrier inside of the car, start preparing her for this well ahead of time. Being put inside of a carrier – and a car – can be a very scary experience for a cat, so do not add to their stress levels by putting them in the carrier on the day of the visit. Of course, if you’ve had the cat since she was a kitten, those Rancho Santa Fe vet visits are something she should be more than comfortable with. Try to encourage your cat to enjoy the carrier even when you’re not closing the door and putting her in the car.

If your cat is especially fearful of other people, you can ask the vet to write your pet a prescription that can be given to her right before the visit. This medication will help ease her fears and calm her down, making those vet visits easier for everyone involved.

You should avoid feeding your cat 4 hours prior to the Rancho Santa Fe vet visit. Depending on the procedures the vet will be performing, they could cause your cat to be sick, especially on a full stomach. Feed her well the night before, but make sure she has nothing before the visit. Your Rancho Santa Fe vet can tell you more about what’s appropriate based on the reason for each visit.

More Rancho Santa Fe Vet Tips for Cats

Make sure that you have the medical records of your cat available as well, as the vet may request these and need them before performing certain procedures on your pet. They very well may need this information to properly treat your cat. If you have insurance, make sure that this information is also available to provide to the vet in Rancho Santa Fe.

Be sure that you show your cat plenty of love and affection before, during and after the visit with the vet. Your cat may not quite understand that you are taking care of her when you visit the Rancho Santa Fe vet, but with the extra love and attention that you give to her she will understand that it’s not a punishment. is the rancho Santa Fe vet that can take care of all of your cat’s medical needs, all while ensuring the visit is as stress free for you and your pet as possible.

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