Use a Glass Company in Bellmore You Can Trust

You could be forgiven for not appreciating the importance of a windshield; most people don’t really understand that, beyond providing visibility and protection from the elements, a windshield also provides up to 40% of the structural support for the passenger compartment, and is designed to work with the airbag deployment system to make sure that the bag is properly directed. These are all reasons why, when you first notice a crack or ding in your windshield, you need to have it seen to immediately by an experienced Glass Company in Bellmore. Don’t put yourself or your passengers at risk.

If the damage to your windshield is just a minor nick or chip, you may be in luck; small issues like that, if they aren’t directly in the line of sight of the driver, can be repaired by a properly-trained glass professional. If your windshield sustains a small bit of damage, and it begins to spread, a full replacement is probably the way to go, but you will need to check with an experienced glass expert, since every case is a little different.

If your situation calls for a windshield replacement, be very selective about who you allow to work on this crucial part of your vehicle. If it isn’t done correctly, using the proper tools, adhesives, and replacement glass, you will be in for more expenses or worse later on. If you see a glass repairman removing your old windshield with anything other than the recommended urethane cutout tool, you need to take your business elsewhere. Using a screwdriver or box-cutter to remove a windshield will damage the protective paint layer and will often lead to rust and leakage down the road. This caliber of glass service may also use inferior adhesives, and non-approved replacement glass. Initially, you will pay less for this kind of service, but when you start to notice flaws, defects, and delamination in your windshield, chances are those guys will be long gone.

A reputable Glass Company in Bellmore, like Active Auto Glass, will offer you service provided by certified glass professionals, using the right tools, and approved replacement glass. They will stand behind the work they do and will even give you a hand with the insurance paperwork. If the conditions are favorable, they will even provide glass service at your home or office at no extra charge.

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