Advantages of Bringing a Pet to Dog Daycare in Marysville

Instead of leaving a canine companion home alone all day five days a week, the pet owner might consider Dog Daycare in Marysville. This is an ideal option for anyone concerned that the pup is bored and lonely being left alone for nine or 10 hours in a row. A dog daycare center offers socialization with other canine friends if the pet owner wants this service. Otherwise, human staff members take the dog on walks and provide playtime. An indoor kennel offers a place for the animal to nap in a comfortable setting, while a large fenced-in grassy area allows for curiosity to have an outlet for a bit of roaming and observation.

By at a kennel providing Dog Daycare in Marysville, the dog obtains emotional and physical advantages in a structured environment. The pet owner may not want to bring the animal there all five workdays per week, but even a couple of days in this setting are beneficial. Mental and social stimulation are important for dogs, particularly when they are younger and less inclined to sleep the day away. Certain breeds of dogs are very social and like to feel they live in a pack. They are more negative affected by having to spend 50 or 60 hours every week by themselves.

Why not hire a dog walker instead? That’s certainly a better option than simply leaving the pet home alone all day, but the walk probably lasts 30 minutes at most, and the service is only once or twice per day. Instead, at a facility such as Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc, the dog gets as much entertainment and attention as it wants while the owners are at work. An additional advantage comes into play when the owners go away for the weekend or on vacation and can’t take their animal companion along. The dog now can stay at this kennel and feel completely comfortable right from the start. It knows the owners and the people who work there, and the environment is very familiar. It may even know some of the other dogs that are boarded there regularly.

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