Preparing For The Holidays

The summer has come to a close and it is time to get ready for the colder month ahead. Your companies has started to get all of the appropriate winter season protective items out and are about to get them all in place when it is decided that it would probably be best to get the placed cleaned up before the fall and winter dredge starts getting tracked into the building. Your normal custodial engineering team is big enough to do one but not both in time for the season so you opt to instead hire out some contractual work to do the preparation for you. This way things can be done in stages one section of the business at a time and the working theory is that it should get on much quicker than if your team had to split up and take it all on themselves.

Over Night Contract Janitors

During the working hours your place of work is teeming with activities and having a group of people trying to clean up one large section of it can make for a decent sized disruption in your daily work load. So it might be a good idea if you need some kind of clean up done in a large scale that you do it during off hours. This typically means bringing your staff in after the end of their day is over but that means overtime and that can get expensive. So instead it might be better to negotiate a contract with an outside service to perform the tasks for you. It will allow your normal force to perform their standard duties during normal work hours and still get the special project you wanted done as well. The costs will probably be close to the same as the over time but you would not have to worry about overworking your staff and having them start complaining.

Special Attention to Details

Your people can do a lot and they do it pretty well but sometimes you want some extra special attention on a task and while your folks can surely do it they might be better off performing what they normally do instead of using resources on your side project. By hiring outside workers they will be able to give you special attention and meet any needs you might have without you having to worry about the effects on day to day operations. Do yourself and your company a favor and bring on some professional custodial engineers to help prepare for the holidays.

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