Add Style To Any Home With Double Doors

There is something very elegant and inviting about a beautifully designed set of double doors at the entrance to a home. While not as common as they were a few decades ago, these spacious doors are again becoming the “must have” doorway in new custom designed homes across the country.

When it comes to double doors, there are a range of different styles and features to choose from. Companies specializing in beautiful doors will usually have various standard styles while also providing the option for fully customized doors to perfectly match any home.

Points to Consider

It is important to choose double doors that work with the size, shape and design of the home. With these larger doors, a very small entrance way can look overwhelming, particularly when choosing a solid style with minimal window space.

In contrast, choosing a more open looking door with added glass gives a lighter  open, more spacious appearance that is well balanced. Choosing a less expansive glass style allowing privacy, while still giving an open look, offers both space and security. You may also want to consider materials other than glass and wood, and consider a copper clad door or a double door with a rustic look.

Double Patio Doors

While you may see double doors as strictly for a front entrance, they can also be used as patio doors as well. Choosing a door with a large window area and minimal frame gives you the option to expand both your interior and exterior living space while still providing a solid, secure and practical door.

French double doors have always been popular for patio doors and with different styles of frame, glass types and even styles of opening you can create just the look desired.

Custom Double Doors

When it isn’t possible to find just the double doors needed, there is always the option to create a unique design. Not all door companies are able to create custom doors, but it is the one true way to ensure the doors are absolutely one of a kind and unique to your home.

While custom double doors will take additional time to be hand crafted, they are well worth the wait. These doors, as with other styles, will add to the value of your home for years to come.

Choosing double doors for your home is a great investment. At Nick’s Building Supply we offer in stock doors as well as the option to create the custom door you have always wanted. To see more go to or follow us on Twitter.

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