Plumbing and Water Heaters McLean Specialists Can Ensure Maximum System Performance

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Plumbing

If you are thinking about purchasing a new water heating system to match your current needs, one consideration is to get the right size unit for your home. A tank which is too large will result in unnecessarily high utility bills and wasted energy. Conversely, a water heater that is undersized might not generate enough warm water to supply your family. It’s important to also consider what your future requirements might be. A water heaters McLean plumbing service offers a wide range of models and styles from which to choose.

Always Use a Professional Plumber
Installing a water heater isn’t something that should be tackled by the average homeowner. It involves complicated plumbing work. A qualified plumber understands how to connect gas and electricity to the device safely and securely. Additionally, this process requires extensive knowledge of local permit and code ordinances. Plumbing companies routinely install water heater systems, and can help you determine the best system based on size of your structure and inhabitants.

Choose an Energy Efficient Model
A large percentage of energy costs go toward heating hot water. Therefore, it makes sense to find the most efficient model possible. The energy factor is calculated by the manufacturer for each unit they produce. This figure is derived by factoring expected use, insulation and standby loss. The energy effectiveness rating is posted on each new water heater sold. A plumbing and water heaters McLean specialist installs, repairs and maintains all types of hot water systems.

Consider a Solar Powered Unit
Solar energy has become more available than ever before. Electricity costs have continuously risen leading many consumers to look for alternate answers. Solar is a renewable source of energy which is clean and inexpensive. Solar power water heating is not a new concept. In addition to a tank for holding water, the main requirement is a collection unit to absorb heat from the sun. Many residents and commercial enterprises are taking advantage of this beneficial technology.

Maintenance and Upkeep
A water heater is a plumbing appliance found in almost every home and business. Most people never think about hot water distribution until a problem arises. The reality is that a hot water heating system endures a lot of wear and tear. For starters, it runs all the time day and night. Sediment, minerals and other compounds accelerate corrosion. Although maintenance is relatively easy, it’s recommended to have a professional water heaters McLean service examine your system regularly.

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