The Best Way To Prevent Cataracts

by | Oct 10, 2012 | Eye Disorder

For those people who have a family history of cataracts, getting diagnosed with the disease sometime during their later years of life may be inevitable. Others may get cataracts in Smyrna due to the fact that they have a disease, such as diabetes or glaucoma, which increases their chances of getting it. Either way, there are methods of decreasing the progression of the disease that will help to extend the life of your eyesight.

Cataracts are a disease of the eye in which the lens becomes opaque or cloudy. You may even be able to see the cloudiness when looking into the eyes of a person affected by cataracts. Once a cataract has begun, it can only be fully cured with surgery. Depending on the type of cataract, there is a surgery that can remove the cloudy film. With many different surgical options available, you can be rest assured that you will get the treatment you need.

The best thing to prevent cataracts in Smyrna is to take great care of your eyes. Have them checked by a reputable optometrist annually, unless the doctor tells you that you need to be seen more often. Protect your eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays by wearing sunglasses whenever you are exposed to the sunlight. If you wear contacts, make sure that you clean them properly, and follow the guidelines according to your particular type of contact.

Vitamins are another great way to keep your eyes healthy and ward off any potential eye disease that may come your way. Antioxidants, such as Vitamin C and E, are essential in slowing the progression of cataracts in Smyrna. You can also eat your antioxidants by filling your daily diet full of fruits and vegetables. There are specific eye vitamin blends available on the market that can help to provide the nourishment your eyes need. These vitamin blends include agents such as lycopene, and lutein in order to keep your eyes strong and healthy.

Smoking is thought to speed up the progression of cataracts in Smyrna by increasing the amount of free radicals in the body. These free radicals attack cells and cause multiple problems throughout the body. Some have thought them to be linked to cancer. By quitting smoking altogether, not only will you decrease your chances of getting cataracts, but you will also boost your overall health.

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