Placing A Free Standing Wood Burning Fireplace In A Room

A wood burning fireplace or stove is a wonderful addition to any home. These are often the primary heating system of choice in cabins, rustic homes, and in living rooms, family rooms, and dens. A free standing wood burning fireplace is also a great option in a master bedroom and works as an excellent, low cost, heating source for a shop or an addition to a home.

There are two different design options when considering a free standing wood burning fireplace. One is a traditional fireplace type of design which often has more than one side of glass to allow easy viewing of the fire from more than one position. These can be a wide range of sizes and shapes to suit any décor.

The other option is more of a traditional wood stove look, with either nostalgic or rustic designs or a more modern style. Today’s designs feature a full glass or partial glass front as well as sleek lines and a range of different finishes and features.

What to Consider

When considering the best location for a free standing wood burning fireplace keep in mind the distance around the fireplace that will need to be protected. With the glass doors and the new designs in heat shielding, this is much less of an issue than before.

Some type of a hearth area is commonplace, as this is also a benefit when cleaning the ashes and soot from the stove or fireplace. With a hearth or tile immediately around the fireplace area, cleanup is easy and there is no concern about ash getting into the carpeting.

Style and Heating Requirements

Different styles of a free standing wood burning fireplace will be ideal for heating different spaces. Larger, energy efficient wood burning fireplaces can be used as a primary or secondary heat source, but choosing the right size for the space and heating requirements will be important.

The amount of heat output required will, in many ways, determine the style. However, with today’s technology even smaller and very ornate styles of these fireplaces can be excellent secondary heating sources for large rooms or very large spaces.

Remember, a free standing wood burning fireplace will add both ambiance as well as a wonderful, earthy look to any room. In most cases, they are a central feature of the room design, taking a prominent place on a main wall or in a corner hearth area for a very cozy look and feel.

At Kozy Heat, we offer a free standing wood burning fireplace, gas insert or free standing gas fireplace for any home décor and style.

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