Bathroom Remodeling: A Great Boost to Your Home’s Value

Having a nicer bathroom is good for your use while you live in the home but could be pretty important when you’re thinking about selling your home. Something you’ve chosen to simply ‘live with’ could be a stumbling block for someone considering buying your home.

When people look at buying a new home, they consider a lot of things when they determine not only whether or not they want to buy it but also in determining how much they want to pay for it. The state of the bathroom can be a big consideration and a bit of bathroom remodeling can go a long way. It could stop someone from wanting to buy and / or could mean a smaller offer as they envision that they will have to spend thousands to bring the bathroom or bathrooms from where they are now to where they want them to be.

Remodeling Dated Bathrooms

Do you have a powder blue, hot pink, or harvest gold tub and toilet? Is the pattern on the tiles on your bathroom floors or walls almost headache-inducing? A few quick fixes could be in order. Or, you could decide to completely remodel the bathroom. Whatever the case is, you could see that a remodeled bathroom is a great selling point. There are a variety of ways to quickly spruce up a bathroom and there are jobs that are best left to the professionals. Getting an estimate could help you decide on the best way to proceed.

Freshening a Bathroom Up

If all your bathroom needs is a bit of paint, to clean up the grout, and some fresh towels, great. But if you need new fixtures, tiling, have water damage, mold, or other problems, it’s advantageous to eliminate these issues before they cause potential buyers either overlook or underbid.

Deciding on a Budget and a Plan

The best way to proceed is to get an estimate or a few estimates. Your bathroom remodeler can provide you with a few options to help you. Maybe a tub surround will work faster than retiling. Maybe a few quick fixes could make a difference. And getting a full remodel could be less expensive than you’re expecting.

It might also be worth considering some other home remodeling areas, too, including painting, kitchen remodeling, and exterior projects that could significantly boost curb appeal to help you sell faster.

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