How Do Gas Fireplaces Work? A Look at Vented Gas Fireplace Units

Modern gas vented fireplaces use a small vent or existing chimney to the outside air within a combustion and exhaust system. These fireplaces are energy efficient, safe, and offer a similar type of appeal as old-style wood burning fireplaces, except without the cleanup and maintenance required with the old units. How do gas fireplaces work when it comes to these units?

Characteristics of a Vented Gas Fireplace System

Utilizing outside air for combustion, vented gas fireplaces get rid of the combustion exhaust and byproducts. They perform this task by using a sealed chamber that brings in fresh air from the outside and removes the gaseous byproducts to the outside. This setup is a double wall venting system that ensures the indoor air quality does not become polluted with toxic gases and ensures you receive efficient heating into your living space.

In answering the question, how do gas fireplaces work?, some direct vent fireplaces use gas logs that offer the glowing warmth of a real wood burning fire without the maintenance and cleaning requirements. Many gas logs consist of a ceramic fiber material consisting of very high insulation characteristics. As such, they can trap and radiate larger quantity of heat into a room than a metal fireplace or insert can. There also quieter due to the fact that no fan is required.

Energy Efficiency

A control system providing energy conservation is another feature of many direct vent fireplaces. You can conserve fuel and money with these control systems that have an intermittent pilot ignition feature. With this system, the pilot light is not constantly exerting a drain on your energy resources. The system also enables you to have a smooth transition from AC to battery backup during a power outage. It also features memory settings and built-in safety features. In addition, many systems offer wireless remotes.

Explaining more regarding the question, how do gas fireplaces work?, it is important to note that these units can be operated without the benefit of electricity. The only exception to this is the blower and other accessories – they need electricity. However, regular batteries are a self-generating millivolt system can power the burner and flame control. Depending on the model, these fireplaces can be installed with rear, top, or 45 degree venting.

A vent system with flexible, rigid, or vent pipes is used with direct vent fireplaces. By utilizing flexible vents, installers can maneuver these vents around beams, joists, and wall supports for the most efficient route to the outside air.

In answering the question, how do gas fireplaces work?, it is evident that these units can provide you with an efficient heating solution for the various living spaces of your home.

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