New Features In Iclear 30s Coil

No matter how good the quality of your coil is, sooner or later you’re going to have to replace it. The Innokin 30S replacement dual coils are only compatible with the iClear 30S Clearomizer. Together they make a potent combo for your smoking pleasure.

The new polycarbonate tank is fireproof and will not crack when used with so-called tank buster juices. In addition, the coils are much faster to change. The rotating mouthpiece makes your vaping experience even more comfortable, however you can’t swap it out for a drip tip since it’s threaded. The tank features a big 3ml capacity for lots of your favorite flavor or mixed flavors, too.

The coils feed from the bottom, so there’s no trailing wicks, and come in different Ohm – 1.5, 1.8, and 2.1. Choosing a higher Ohm coil means that you’ll have less heat at the coil, using fewer coils over time, and you’ll have cooler vapor. You’ll have less of a battery drain, and use less liquid. Even at a 1.5, you should still get respectable clouds while not being brutal to your battery and coil. Although some might tell you that this particular coil is very pricey, it pays to buy the five-packs for your tank. You’ll find that these coils consistently get great ratings, four or five stars easy, no matter where you look. That’s a sure sign of a quality product.

It is recommended that, depending on your favorite juice, and your frequency of use that you change out your coils every one or two weeks. In general, you can tell when you need to change your coil by the taste, or reduction in paper. The clearest sign that you need to change your coil is – of course – that you get no vapor at all.

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