Moving Is A Breeze With Movers In Conway, AR

by | Jul 3, 2013 | Moving and Relocating, Storage

Moving is a big job and a lot of people hate it. A little bit of planning and organization saves trouble and money in the long run. Here’s some valuable moving tips:

*Do your homework and find a moving company that’s going to work with you. Tell them exactly what you need, and they’re willing to provide the service. Before you start talking to companies, make a list. You need to know how many rooms you have, how many boxes have to be packed and all the big pieces of furniture. Many moving companies will send someone to your home to do an estimate.

*Let Movers Conway AR pack your belongings. This relieves a lot of stress. Make the moving process as relaxing as possible. Remember to include the packing in your estimate.

*If you need storage, include this in your estimate. If you can’t move right away, Doss Moving & Storage will keep your things in their own storage facility.

*Ask the movers, how your belongings will be protected. The best movers use protective coverings to protect your items. They also use stretch wrap to protect furniture. For example, drawers in a piece of furniture don’t have to be wrapped individually. The shrink wrap holds them in during the move.

*When you get the best two or three estimates, start asking Movers in Conway AR for references. Find out how long the move will take. And, be sure to ask how much insurance they carry. You want your valuable furnishings to be covered. It’s also a good idea to get the quote in writing.

*Find out how many workers will be handling the move. The fewer workers, the longer your move will take. Experts say three is a good number for movers.

*If the mover’s estimate is based on the weight of your belongings, feel free to be there for the weigh-in. You’ll feel better knowing the procedure is accurate.

*Once you pick a moving company, make sure there’s a contract signed by you and the moving company.

You’re probably feeling more relaxed having done your homework. There’s nothing else to do but sit back and wait for the moving date. Be sure to check with the movers, a few days ahead of time, for any last minute details.


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