Make Your Team More Efficient Using Repair Shop Software

There is no escaping the integration of technology into different industries from retail, to hospitality, and even to the car repair industry. Technology and software can make your team more efficient, cut costs in the long-run, improve your ability to manage the business, and even help you deliver better service to your customers. Find out how repair shop software can help your employees do their job better below.

More Information at Their Fingertips

With diagrams and procedures readily available, your technicians can get the job done faster. They can easily refer to detailed instructions for each process any time they are stuck. This can also be an excellent tool when training new staff.

Getting Accurate Vehicle Information

Imagine having quick access to a vehicle’s CarFax report. With the software, it’s easy to scan the VIN without buying any expensive special scanners. Your team can make use of accurate car history information. This can increase the confidence of your customers in your services.

Preventative maintenance is also made simpler because of a database that can be used to keep track of the different services provided to the car and the dates these were done. This can be populated automatically and can keep both your technicians and your clients in the know. This information comes together with on-screen service recommendations for the vehicle being worked on.

Faster Greeting and Checking Customers Out After Service

Using repair shop software can help your team improve customer service. It makes it easier to create and print out customer tickets. It can be used on mobile devices such as phone and tablets. Swiping customer credit cards for making payments is easy, as is printing out customer receipts. All in all, you can help your technicians work faster, with more information and tools available to them.

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