A Brief Overview Of Galvanized Pipe Fittings

Galvanized pipe is a product and option for running pipe which has been around for decades. In the past, galvanized steel pipe, which is a steel pipe that has been dipped or coated with zinc, was used in industrial applications as well as in water lines in homes.

In many homes across the United States and throughout many areas of the world, the use of galvanized pipe and galvanized pipe fittings was used as a better option than lead, which was recognized to cause significant health risks. However, even galvanized pipe and fittings were phased out in the USA in the 1960s due to the risk of sediment building up on the interior of the pipes. Their use created a risk of rusting and corrosion, making water unsafe for consumption.

While no longer used in water systems and plumbing for residential applications, galvanized pipe fittings and pipe is used in industrial systems. This is a cost-effective way to have a strong, durable pipe with limited corrosion and reactivity. This galvanized steel pipe and fitting combination can be effective in working with most types of industrial liquids, but the pipe is not used for transporting gas or for gas supply piping.

Benefits of Galvanized Steel Pipes and Fittings

The steel base of galvanized pipe fittings and pipe make this a durable and strong piping option for outdoor and indoor use. It will not crush like plastic pipes, even when it will need to be under roads or heavy traffic areas. This true for small and large diameter pipe and fittings, both of which are often required with industrial projects.

The choice of galvanized pipe and pipe fittings is also a cost-effective option. This is an easy to work with pipe option that has a typical life cycle of about 40 years, even with outdoor use.

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