Long Distance Movers Offer Tulsa Residents a Lot of Services to Ease Their Relocation

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Moving Services

When people think of moving companies, many may think only of the act of moving itself, loading items on a truck and hauling them to a new location. In truth, there are a lot of other services offered by many long distance movers. Tulsa residents who are planning a move need to carefully consider what they actually want from their moving company, and get the services that will help them the most.

Move Planning
The ultimate in move planning services is personal move management. With this service, the moving company provides a single point of contact and custom-designed move planning. This assistance could include helpful materials like a move preparation packet or destination information packet, as well. The further the move is, the more important services like these are, and they are particularly important for international moves.

The planning can extend further, too, including assistance with finding a realtor or mortgage company for the sale of the existing home and purchase of the new one. If temporary living arrangements are required, a full service moving company can help with that, too. Another service that shouldn’t be overlooked is, of course, the free estimate.

Packing and Unpacking
Whether a person needs all the packing done for them or just a little assistance with some difficult items, long distance movers can help. Items can be packed for moving, storage, or shipping. Best of all, a moving company has access to the correct boxes, crates and packing materials to pack all items safely and efficiently. Movers can also pack items to remove them for the purposes of staging and decluttering.

Naturally, the most import part of any move is getting belongings safely from one place to another, but even the move itself can benefit from extra services. First off, it helps if the long distance movers also offer short and long term storage, so that any items that won’t fit in the new home can be easily moved to the storage facility. For those items that will be moved to the new home, some companies will offer move tracking and valuation coverage, as well as property protection.

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