6 Tips for an Efficient Office Move

Office relocations can make for a stressful experience for you and your employees. Read on for tips on how to manage the move to cut down on the stress.

Plan it out now

Start planning for the move early on. At least three months of planning will do. Make up a list of everything that must be done. That’s going to help you survive the next few weeks.

Sift through your furniture

Pick out the office furniture and equipment you’re going to be bringing along for the move. If you’re going to donate a few items, do it days or weeks before the move. You wouldn’t want the nightmare of having to coordinate pickups on the day of the move itself in case something goes wrong.

Keep your employees in the loop

Don’t leave your employees in the dark, Small Business Trends insists. Make them a part of the process. Update them on the move so they can manage their workflow much more effectively. Your team can help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

Hire Movers

Look for moving companies in West Chicago IL. If you want solid experience and results, pick out the Jackson Moving & Storage team for help and assistance. By hiring pros, you can reduce the moving stress on your employees and clients.

Read the fine print

Be sure to read the contract through before you sign up with the company. Find out what services you can expect as part of the standard rate and which ones may incur you extra charges.

Book early

There may be a lot of moving companies in West Chicago IL, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to book one at the eleventh hour. Book the firm a month or two ahead. With advanced planning, you can reduce any logistical hassles that may come your way.

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