Keeping Termites From Getting Into Crawl Spaces in Tacoma

When someone finds they have a termite problem in their home, they will want to take steps in eradicating them completely. It is best to have a pest control service handle a termite problem as there is a chance not all termites will be removed if the homeowner takes on the task themselves. After a pest control service is called to tend to termites in the wood structure within the house, the homeowner needs to take precautions in making sure they do not return.

Crawl Spaces in Tacoma are usually areas where termites tend to make their way inside of a home. Since the crawlspace area is usually located beneath ground level, there may be cracks in the foundation where they are making their way inside. Instead of doing an extensive foundation repair, there are a few ways to keep these intruders from getting inside.

One way to battle termites near the crawlspace is to add a layer of concrete around the perimeter of the home a few inches away from the structure. A hole would need to be dug down several feet around the home and then concrete would need to be poured inside. This will act as a barrier between the soil in the yard and the basement level of the home, helping to cut down on termites from getting inside.

Placing beneficial nematodes in the soil can help eliminate termites in a natural way. These can be purchased online or a pest control service may have access to them to place outdoors to start the process.

The crawlspace can be protected with a vapor barrier inside the area. These is constructed of plastic sheeting which is placed along the walls so the termite remain on the other side of the material. The sheeting is put up over the insulation and then covered with drywall so it is not visible when looking inside of the crawlspace.

If someone wants more information on how to keep termites out of Crawl Spaces in Tacoma, they can call a reliable pest control service in their area. An evaluation of the crawlspace will be done and the pest control service will work at removing any present termites as well as offering solutions on how to keep them from returning.

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