In Search of the Best Less Than Truckload Companies for Shipping

by | Jun 8, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

If your company ships full truckloads all the time, you may have no need for LTL shipping. However, most companies have to ship partial loads from time to time, and they need the best less than truckload companies for their freight. Choosing a carrier is not always easy, and you never know when fees are going up, or other changes occur. Here are some tips for finding the best LTL services at the most affordable prices.

Can They Handle Regional or National Shipping?

Some less than truckload companies specialize in regional shipping. For example, they can only handle loads going to one part of the country. This is fine if all your LTL customers are located in one region. However, if you have customers all over the country, then you need a carrier that can service all the states.

Do They Offer Overnight Shipping?

If you need to get urgent or rush orders to customers occasionally, you’ll want a carrier that can take care of these needs. Some carriers can only do next day freight in certain areas, or they may offer air freight which can get your products all over the planet.

Customer Service

If you can’t reach your carrier when you need help, you could face some major problems in the future. It’s good to have low shipping rates, but when you want service, you need a carrier with prompt and efficient customer service too.

The Broker Advantage

Why spend all your time and resources looking for the best less than truckload companies when a trusted freight brokerage can do all this for you, and much more. Your broker helps you get the most dependable carriers at the most affordable rates. This not only saves you on LTL shipping but any other freight services you need. It’s one less thing to worry about.

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