Benefits of Electric Actuated Valves

Many industrial valves today feature manual operation. This is fine in some cases, but for large facilities and systems, you may need some way to control valves remotely or automatically. You’ll find many excellent selections of electric actuated valve products from your Warren valves distributor. Here are some reasons to choose this kind of valve over manual or pneumatic activated ones.

What Does Electric Actuated Mean?

Instead of twisting a handle or turning a lever, you only need to push a button or throw a switch to open and close the valve. Most valves have electric motors or solenoids which do all the work of opening and closing the valves. This gives you many advantages.

Easy Installation

It’s not hard to install electric actuated valves. For example, many of them run on standard AC voltage which is readily available in most places. The wiring is not complicated or difficult to understand.

You might consider pneumatic actuated valves for some of your applications. However, unless you have access to an air compressor and compressor lines, you’ll have to pay a lot more, and there’s more labor involved in the installation process.


Electric valves from your Warren valves distributor are some of the most accurate valves you can use. This is very important when you need precise flow control from your system.


Maintaining electric valves is cost-effective. Maintenance is simple and easy, and you can save money on maintenance labor costs too. Should you have a power failure, you can install a battery backup system to make sure you have no downtime.

Easy to Find Parts and Replacements

Because these products are very popular, your Warren valves distributor has plenty of valves and parts on hand. You’ll enjoy easy ordering, and your customer service reps can answer your questions and help you choose the best valves for your business.

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