Identifying Possible Offenses With A White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Bel Air, MD

In Maryland, defendants are charged with white collar crimes based on the circumstances of the offense. These offenses fall under these classifications due to the non-violent nature of the crime itself. However, the common factors associated with these offenses are that the defendant was deceitful and abused the trust of a close business partner or company. Typically, these crimes are committed for financial gain. The following are possible offenses to discuss with a White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Bel Air MD.

What is Embezzlement?

This crime is an offense based on utilizing a position of trust to acquire funds. The defendant utilizes this trust to acquire immediate access to financial information or money. In these crimes, the defendants often utilize financial information to transfer these funds to an outside bank or other institutions. This enables them to gain access to the funds and use them as they wish.

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the use of another party’s information to utilize the information for capital gains. This includes the use of the individual’s identity directly. It can also include the acquisition of this information by hacking into a company network or server. The defendant uses this outlet to acquire the victim’s credit card and banking information or other data.

How Does Fraud Fit in?

In these crimes, fraud can equate to a variety of offenses. This includes, but isn’t limited to, forgeries, mortgage fraud, tax fraud, and insider trading. These crimes are also committed to gain access to capital. In some cases, fraudulent information is created to acquire funds through banks or additional tax refunds.

Defining Racketeering and Similar Crimes

This crime is based on any illegal business schemes utilize to acquire money illegally. This can include organized crime and the use of intimidation to acquire money from others. Extortion and money laundering are included in these offenses.

In Maryland, defendants face criminal charges for non-violent crimes. These offenses are often involved with fraudulent or deceitful actions that enable a defendant to acquire money. Criminal defendants who are facing these crimes are encouraged & to contact Maria Caruso, a White Collar Crimes Lawyer in Bel Air MD, today.

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