Now That Winter’s Over, It’s A Great Time For Chimney Repair In Carroll County MD

If a chimney hasn’t been inspected in the last year or a user noticed the fireplace not burning properly during the last winter, it’s definitely worth having an inspection and any necessary Chimney Repair in Carroll County MD performed now. Waiting until the cold weather arrives again could lead to further damage. Early detection and prevention of serious problems can save hundreds of dollars in the future. Small cracks will allow water to penetrate the chimney or cause rot along the roof. Sealing the cracks and maintaining the chimney will allow a homeowner to use the chimney in the fall knowing it’s safe.

There are many things that can fail on a chimney including the flashing bricks, mortar joints, improper construction and defective covers. Cracked or deteriorated crowns should only be repaired by a company that’s experienced in Chimney Repair in Carroll County MD. The crowns must be built to drain the water away from the chimney so it’s not leaking into the fireplace causing rust of the flue or damper. The lack of a rain cap allows water into these areas and birds and other pests to enter the chimney causing a safety hazard. The main reason to repair a chimney is to reduce the chance of a fire and to enjoy a properly burning fireplace or wood stove.

The flashing around a chimney helps to protect the roof and drain the water away from the chimney. The caulking or tar that covers the flashing can become dry and brittle causing it to crack. These cracks lead to water infiltrating the roof, weakening of the wood and destroying a chimney. The condition of a chimney will degrade over the years without regular maintenance and repairs. Smoke can exit through cracks in a chimney and a hot amber can easily cause a house fire.

Don’t let the enjoyment of a fireplace be destroyed forever because of a faulty or damaged chimney. Inspection and repair of the chimney, as well as cleaning of the inside, will give you the peace of mind you need when using the fireplace. For more information about chimney services, please visit the website.

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