How To Find Your HP Ink Cartridge Refill

While there are some people that rarely print items at home and have had the same HP printer and ink cartridge since they bought the items, most people use their printers more frequently and find that they run out of the ink they require to print out their pages. If you need a refill, you may wonder what to do or where to go.


The first thing you should consider is whether the company you use offers a search option to help you locate the proper cartridges. Every single printer that is on the market has a specific model number and series, which means that each printer needs different cartridges. This also means there are multiple cartridges out there and simply searching by the brand may not be enough. However, a search option will allow you to select the series of printer you have and then the model to easily find the cartridges you require, whether color or black.


Many times, the size of the cartridges are different depending on the brand, series and model. All-in-one printers typically offer fairly large ones because they have to have enough fluid to do as many jobs as promised. Some older printers may have smaller cartridges because that is how manufacturers made things back then, though some newer versions offer small ones, as well. It really depends on what type of style and look the printer is supposed to have as to what size it is, though almost all of them can do at least 50 to 100 printing jobs before needing to be replaced.


While most cartridges will be in a cube shape, some will offer small lips, protuberances, and other options to fit only one specific printer. Most manufacturers do this so that their cartridges cannot be used with other models or brands. While you aren’t likely to need to know the exact shape or be able to describe it, it’s important to understand that they are different for different models.

Singular or Double

In some cases, the black and color HP ink cartridge are sold together as a single unit, so you’ll have to refill both at the same time. Other brands include a separate unit for color and for black, so you can refill whichever one you need.

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