Swimming Pool Ionization: A Revolution in Pool Disinfection

Most swimming pools across the world use chlorination techniques to fight off bacteria and algae. However, chlorine is not really the safest chemical to use because it poses many health risks to humans. Some of these risks include lung disease, skin redness, eye irritation and hair bleaching. NASA realized that using chlorine to treat water in space can be very harmful for the astronauts. Therefore, they devised a copper and silver ionizer that fights off bacteria, algae and viruses in water, without posing any risks to humans. Today, few companies have used this technology, licensed by NASA, to make possible swimming pool ionization.

Multiple Benefits

Swimming pool ionization is highly advantageous when compared to conventional techniques such as salt systems. Some of these many benefits include:

  • Low electrical consumption: Swimming pool ionization uses electric power very judiciously. Though the consumption may vary depending on factors such as size of the pool. A residential pool running 8 hours a day will not cost over $3 an year for electricity.
  • Corrosion Reduction: Salt water systems, which are thought to be chlorine-free, are actually not. They produce chlorine on the premises that then leads to corrosion of the various equipment. This equipment includes hoses, vinyl liners, solar equipment, spa equipment, etc. However, ionization causes almost negligible corrosion. This results in longer life of all equipment.
  • Safe for all people: The skin and eyes of few swimmers may be very sensitive to chlorine. They experience symptoms such as redness and irritation. However, swimming in ionized pools is much safer.
  • Improved clarity: People who consider chlorinated water clear will be stunned by the clarity produced due to ionization. The water does become much clearer and the aesthetics of the swimming pool are enhanced.
  • Long Warranty: Most reputed companies that provide ionization services also provide long warranty periods. This means the owner of the pool does not need to worry about frequent repairs.

Easy Installation & Maintenance

Swimming pool ionization is not a very tedious task. The installation can be done by most plumbers and maintenance is low. The electrodes that are supplied with the system, however, erode away with time. The time they take to erode depends on factors such as size of the unit. The only critical parameter that must be frequently checked is the pH level. It must be maintained within the prescribed limit. Overall, the attention and money required to maintain the pool is greatly reduced.

Easily Available

Swimming pool ionization systems are easily available online. However, remember to purchase a system only from highly reputable companies. One can be sure of the company’s reputation by reading their reviews and testimonials. So, make a healthy change now!

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