How to Buy a Used Box Truck

Do you run a small business and need to make local deliveries? Maybe you’re thinking about starting up a local moving company. Box trucks are the perfect tools for many businesses in Texas today. Here are several good reasons to check into used box trucks for sale.

What is a Box Truck?

Also called cube vans, these trucks are medium or heavy-duty commercial trucks which resemble boxes. The cab connects to the truck bed, and the bed is completely enclosed. It’s like hauling a semi-trailer, but your trailer is part of the truck. They are commonly used for many types of delivery services today, and they can haul equipment for construction and landscape contractors too.

Which Truck Should You Buy?

If you have a limited budget, used box trucks for sale in Texas offer the best deals. You don’t have to worry about new vehicle depreciation, and the cost is much lower. Although most cube vans are medium-duty, if you plan to haul loads over 20,000 pounds, you should consider a heavy-duty truck.


When you buy pre-owned trucks, options are very important. For example, summers in cities like Houston and San Antonio are hot and long, and you should get a truck with air conditioning. Also, automatic transmission trucks are easier to drive, and you don’t have to worry about clutch maintenance.

Lift gates are important accessories. In fact, a lift gate makes deliveries simple and easy. For example, if your business delivers to homes or businesses without standard docks, your people could have a hard time unloading the truck and getting products to customers.

Gasoline or Diesel

For inner city driving, consider gasoline power when you check out used box trucks for sale in Texas. You’ll have more pep and power pulling hills. For long hauling, diesel is best because you’ll get better highway mileage.

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