Design Options For Outdoor Wall Lights

There are different types of lights that can be used on the exterior of a home or a commercial building. One type of light is a floodlight or spotlight, allowing for a large area of space to be fully illuminated. This is typically done for safety and security and may include a single light or multiple lights mounted on a building, poles or other structures.

The other option in light for the exterior of a building is partially for visibility but also for appearance and aesthetics. These outdoor wall lights add character, style and also provide visibility and safety on home decks, porches, outdoor walkways and buildings or fences around the property.

Light Direction

Many buildings will feature outdoor wall lights that have a downward direction for the light. This creates a triangular shape with the smallest width of light at the bottom of the sconce and the widest area on the ground or surface area.

These types of lights are often used on perimeter privacy fences as well, adding to the look of an outdoor living space. This is also a great option for flanking windows and doors or positioning at regular or irregular locations to highlight a walkway, stairs or corners around a building or property.

There is also the option to have outdoor wall lights that shine up as well as down. This style of light adds interest both above the below the sconce, creating an hourglass shape of light that is a natural match for multiple story buildings.

Light Required

Different types of outdoor wall scones will be designed for use with different types of bulbs. It will be important to carefully consider the amount of light needed in various areas to provide safety, security and the desired look.

Some of the lines of fixtures offer similar looking sconces with different lighting capacity. This is a very good choice for different areas of the exterior while still retaining the same sconces throughout the design.

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