Computerized Plasma Cutters: Not A One-Trick Wonder

In fabrication and other processes, some tools are a one-off. They can only perform a single task. These specialized instruments are valuable but have limited use outside the parameters set for them. At one time, plasma cutters fell into this category. They could only perform cutting and nothing else. This has all changed. Computerized plasma cutters are now more than one-trick wonders.

Doing More than Cut

Plasma systems portable or computerized are now advanced enough to take on more than exacting cutting specifications. They are now more versatile, capable of providing more than their original designated task. They now can perform several functions under the hands of an adept operator including the two following common operations:

  • Metal Marking: The marking may be light or heavy, depending upon whether the client wishes the markings to be highly visible or not. Operators can adjust the various parameters to achieve either a light identification scoring – one easy to remove later with grinding, or a heavy, deeper permanent marking. Furthermore, operators can adjust CNC plasma cutters for other factors including width and appearance.
  • Gouging: Precision gouging is easy to accomplish with the right operational techniques and skills

Both processes require a low-amperage plasma arc. Operators must also employ both a specialized nozzle and a specific shield. The work, however, is now possible across a variety of industrial operations including auto-body shops and shipbuilding.

Computerized Plasma Cutters: More than Cutting Tools

If you purchase a plasma cutter, you can quickly turn it into more than a precise cutting tool. Computerized plasma cutters (and hand-held plasma cutters, for that matter) can perform a variety of tasks. Operators can use them to mark, gouge and even – carefully, remove welds. They can fabricate dimples for drill starts even produce artistic pieces. Do not make the mistake of looking at them as a single-use tool. Plasma cutters are proving every day they can do so much more.

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