How Disability Lawyers Can Help You

Disability lawyers in Chicago are legal professionals who help clients deal with claims they are making for Social Security benefits. These professionals help clients who are preparing to submit their claim as well as those who have made a claim only to have it denied.

It can be very frustrating for a disabled individual to claim Social Security benefits, hiring an attorney is one good way of eliminating a great deal of the stress associated with attempting to understand the process and all of its complexities. A person suffering from a debilitating condition be it physical or mental, may find that understanding or coping with the application process is beyond their ability, hiring an attorney is an excellent way to overcome these problems.

Some applicants feel they are capable of preparing and submitting the initial application, this is one thing but attempting to defend your application should it be denied is something altogether different. Bear in mind that the greatest majority of applications are denied. Of course it is a personal decision when to bring in an attorney but if you are one of the seventy five percent that are denied and the next stages are appeals then having disability lawyers in Chicago on your side can be very helpful.

There are three ways to appeal a denial of benefits before you have to take civil action; the first is to file a request for reconsideration. If the request results in further denial it goes to a hearing and then, if necessary, goes to an appeals council. There is absolutely no doubt that when you are involved in the appeals process it is certainly in your best interest to be represented by an attorney that is intimate with the system and can assist in gathering all the necessary supporting data and preparing the documents that will be required to effectively dispute the findings of the SSA and fight for your rights.

There are a number of factors that should be considered before choosing your attorney:

* Reliable and skilled in all aspects of claiming against the Social Security Administration

* An attorney who is capable of assisting you with the submission all the supporting data and to aid in completing the application for benefits

* You will want an attorney who is comfortable in dealing with disability claims, make sure he or she is well connected and has access to occupational and medical experts should this become necessary.

* There are a certain criteria for disability claims and your attorney should be able to gather and evaluate all evidence be it medical or not to develop a winning strategy; use disability lawyers in Chicago who have handled claims similar to yours.

Applying for and getting Social Security benefits can be a drawn out process. Should you fail to provide exactly what the administration wants you will face delays and in many cases, denial of your claim.


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