How An Immigration Lawyer Can Help

Depending on why you wish to enter the US and your background has a great deal to do with whether you will need to hire an immigration lawyer or not. If your reason to come to the country is simply a vacation or to visit family there may not even be the need for a visa. If you are planning to come to the US you are well advised to inquire at the US Embassy or consulate in your home country.

Other than vacation and family visits, there may be good reason to hire an immigration lawyer in Chicago IL. Often, the amount of complex paperwork is reason enough to consult with an experienced immigration lawyer. If you are attempting to get a resident visa and you believe there is something derogatory in your past a lawyer is necessary, the same is true if you are facing removal proceedings. In many cases, the difference between being allowed into the US or being denied entry lies with a skilled immigration lawyer working on your behalf.

You should certainly engage an immigration lawyer if:

  • You have been convicted of a crime: Not all crimes are a barrier to entry to the US but if you do not admit to having committed a crime, you face deportation.
  • Prior applications have not been approved: If you have applied for entry into the US before and you were not approved, an immigration lawyer in Chicago IL will be able to determine why this was the case and if the situation can be remedied.
  • You tried to deal with it but are lost as to what to do next:¬† This is one of the leading reasons why people hire immigration lawyers. The process and the paperwork are phenomenally complex and many people are simply baffled. It is always better to hire a lawyer than it is to make an error which will only delay the process.

An analysis of your case by a seasoned immigration lawyer in Chicago IL can help identify the available options and potential pitfalls.

Immigration issues are complex and difficult to understand; as such you are well advised to hire a seasoned immigration lawyer in Chicago IL. You are invited to contact Din Law, LLC. Follow us on google+.

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