Tips For Christian Church Marketing

If you run a Jacksonville Christian Church, and are worried about a lack of parishioners, you may want to consider church marketing. This may seem counterintuitive at first. After all, people should want to go to church in order to worship and learn about the Bible. However, in today’s high stressed, fast paced, multi-media world, everyone needs a bit of help and direction. Here are some tips for promoting your Jacksonville Christian Church.

    Get Out Into Your Local Community: While many communities in the past were church centered, modern communities may center around a variety of different things such as community centers, farmer’s markets, or local artistic festivals. Find out more about events in your community and figure out where you can bring information about your Jacksonville Christian Church to these events.

    Create Community Events: While services are important, consider other ways that your Jacksonville Christian Church can contribute to the community. This may include organizing dinners for holidays, children’s festivals, and even community service events. Creating events where the whole community can attend, will ensure that your community has a positive view of your Jacksonville Christian Church, regardless of their own religious beliefs, and will help people find your church if they hear of someone who needs to find Sunday Services.

    Embrace The Internet: Having a website for your Jacksonville Christian Church will ensure that parishioners are well aware of schedules and other pertinent information. Many people today take to the internet to find everything from their next take out meal, to the church that they will reside in. Make sure that you have a simple, attractive website that has all of the up to date information for your Jacksonville Christian Church. You can also consider joining with, or starting a registry for Jacksonville Christian Churches in your area.

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