Add Style To A Kitchen With A Tin Ceiling In Westchester NY

by | Aug 24, 2017 | Construction and Maintenance

Tin ceilings and or backsplashes are becoming more popular in kitchen remodeling. This product looks its best when it is installed by professionals who are familiar with the product. Matching the metal finish for the ceiling to kitchen alliances or other metal features found in commercial buildings is a good policy. There are many places and ways to use metal ceiling materials in homes and commercial buildings.

Metal Ceiling Choices

Metal ceilings and backsplashes can come in finishes such as painted white, tin or stainless steel, copper, brass, or chrome. In addition, ceiling tiles can be primed and ready to paint the color a customer chooses. Metal ceiling tiles also come in a number of patterns to coordinate with different decorating styles. Some pieces can have an overall design and others can be designed for the border or outside edges of the ceiling. Yet others have designs meant for backsplash or cornice installations.

Some style choices include gothic, art deco, colonial, and Victorian. Customers or their designers can choose the pattern and finish that best matches their room decorating style. A Tin Ceiling in Westchester NY and the surrounding area adds style and interest to any kitchen or commercial building. These beautiful tin tiles are not limited to ceiling and backsplash use. Imaginative designers and building owners often find other areas to use them.

Tin Ceiling Advantages

A tin ceiling can hide ceiling defects or make a plain looking space more detailed. There are different mounting systems including wood or steel suspension, snap in systems, or lay in systems. Using the suspension systems can allow for a high ceiling to be lowered to a more convenient level. Tin Ceiling in Westchester NY backsplashes can be waterproof and easy to clean. When the tin ceiling gets a little older or the building owner wants a decor change, the tile can be painted for a new look.

Companies such as Abingdon Construction have installers with the training and experience to do the best installation job. They also have photos of many interesting uses for tin tiles. Their representatives can guide building owners in unique ways to use tin ceiling tiles in the decorating process. Visit us online for more tin ceiling tile information

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