Have a Mice in MA Problem? Call a Professional Pest Control Company

by | Oct 18, 2013 | Pest Control

A homeowner may be cleaning out their kitchen cabinets and notice mice droppings. They may think that they can just clean out the cupboard and slip in a mouse trap to take care of the problem. Unfortunately this is not their best solution. Mouse waste can carry bacteria and viruses that cause serious and sometimes deadly illnesses. The homeowner should hire a pest control company that can eliminate the mice ma completely. They should then carefully sanitize the area to prevent the spread of any disease.

While most homeowners notice mice when they enter the active living spaces, this is not where the mice ma actually live and breed in the home. Therefore just treating the kitchen cabinets doesn’t get rid of the problem. Guaranty Pest Elimination Company technicians search out the places in a home where the mouse infestation starts. Usually this is in the unfinished portion of a home such as the basement, crawl space, attic or garage. It’s also necessary to inspect the exterior perimeter of the home to look for access points. Treating all of these areas minimizes the chance of the mice returning. If they do return during the warranty period, a technician will respond at no additional cost.

Each season brings a new insect and pest challenge. Homeowners can Browse Site to educate themselves about the various seasonal challenges. They can also learn about particular insect and pest infestations. Termites and bed bugs are always a concern. An educated homeowner knows not to store wood by their wood deck. They also know that they can pick up bed bugs in a luxury hotel and that heat kills them. Therefore after traveling, they always put their clothes through the dryer to kill any bed bugs they might have taken home. Heating up luggage with a hair dryer is also important to prevent a bed bug infestation.

Forming a professional relationship with Guaranty Pest Elimination means that a well-educated and certified technician will arrive promptly to deal with any pest problem. For the homeowner’s peace of mind, they wear uniforms and drive clearly marked vans. The company has been in business for over 20 years and uses only chemicals approved by the Environmental Protection Agency.



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