Good Maintenance is Important for a Heating System in Baltimore

by | May 8, 2013 | Plumbing

Many people think of Maryland as being a southern state or at least on the border of the South. It might surprise them to learn that Baltimore has four times more heating days than cooling days. So maintaining a Heating Baltimore system is even more important than having a working Air Conditioning in Baltimore system. It’s not uncommon for the snowstorms that hit the northeastern United States to blow through Maryland before they begin their journey to the north.

Baltimore homeowners will want to make sure that they have a certified technician check out their heating system in late summer or early fall. That way the technician can find any worn out parts and replace them. About 30 percent of emergency winter furnace calls are caused because the homeowner failed to follow the proper maintenance program. The furnace also needs to be cleaned and new air filters need to be installed. During a busy heating system, the filters should be cleaned or replaced each month. This ensures that the air inside the home is as clean as possible. If people who have either asthma or COPD live in the home this is even more important.

Homeowners should learn how their system works and where the different parts are located. They don’t have to know how to replace or repair the system, but understanding these simple items means that they know when to call a professional. The homeowners should find the pipes that lead from the furnace to the home. These should be routinely inspected for cracks or bulges. There is a pressure gauge on the front of the furnace. Ask the technician what the proper pressure is for the make and model.

At least once a week, the homeowner should take a look at the pressure gauge to make sure that the furnace is working in the proper range. If it is a very cold night, the homeowner should definitely check the pressure. The furnace technician can show a homeowner how to bring the pressure back into the normal range. If this happens again, it can be a sign of a serious problem.

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