Gastric Imbrication Houston is the best option

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Health And Fitness

The field of surgery is awash with all manner of procedures that can be carried out as an antidote for obesity. Obesity continues to be a major cause of adverse health effects and is currently amongst the most adverse problems facing men and women in the urban centers. In a bid to contain this menace and also to help people lose weight, there are various strategies that have been touted by health experts. Exercising and good diet remains the key to defeating obesity but this are often slow and tedious methods and quite unhelpful to patients beyond a certain BMI. To help provide fast and reliable method of losing weight, Gastric Imbrication Houston has been touted as one of the most effective and safest procedures.

The first major benefit about Gastric Imbrication Houston is that it is not as complicated as the rest of the closely related procedures such as Lap-Band and Gastric Bypass. While these ones come with a number of restrictions prior and after the surgery, gastric imbrication is simple and patients are not supposed to control their eating.

The safety of this procedure is unquestionable. There have been reports of discomfort amongst patients who have undergone Lap-Band. For gastric Imbrication however, there is no discomfort. This is a procedure that can be carried out in the outpatient as it is not invasive at all. This hence means that the recovery period is shorter, almost painless and is not occasioned with much blood loss.

A common side effect to most weight loss procedures is anemia and a number of nutrition related maladies. The key reason behind these complications is the restriction on the type of foods that one can consume. With Gastric Imbrication Houston however, these kinds of nutritional deficiencies are not experienced. All that this procedure does is to restrict on the amount of food you can eat rather than restrict on the type of foods you can take. This is in the understanding that, even though weight loss is desired, the health of the patient is still paramount. According to objective health experts, comparatively, patients who have undergone gastric imbrication record more weight loss than those who undergone other invasive procedures by up to ten percent.

The article applauds Gastric Imbrication Houston, one of the safest procedures to help you achieve your target BMI if diet and exercise does are not yielding the required results. It does not result in any kind of nutritional deficiencies, as it does not restrict the type of food you can consume but only the amount of food you can intake gets restricted.

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