Finding a Personal Injury Attorney in Cincinnati

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Lawyers

So, you slipped on a wet floor, tripped on an uneven curbside, fell into a dip in the asphalt and have a broken ankle, torn muscle, or something far worse. The tough part is knowing how you can claim back any injury compensation from the party responsible for your injuries. If you live in Ohio you can enlist the services of a Cincinnati personal injury attorney to help with your case.


There are many types of ‘personal injury’ defined by a series of different causes and circumstances. Road accidents are probably the largest group of issues that can cause personal injury and these include auto, truck and motorcycle accidents. Through no fault of your own you could be hit by a vehicle, your vehicle could be hit by another vehicle or you could find yourself in hospital with a huge list of medical bills. Because Ohio suffers from cold harsh winter weather there are more accidents during the cold months. You may be as careful as you can be but the golden rules of the road is to always ‘watch out for the other idiots’ because you never know what other drivers might do. Regardless of whether they are sober or intoxicated, other drivers are unpredictable.

Another form of personal injury comes into the wrongful death category, where you may have experienced surgery gone wrong, an accident at work that has caused the death of a loved one, a medical malpractice by a doctor who has treated you incorrectly and cause long-term damage or illness.

Under these circumstances you might be rewarded with a big compensation pay-out to help with future medical expenses, loss of potential earnings, loss of earnings while in hospital or having treatment and other expenses that you incur whilst unable to work. An attorney will fight your case with the company, medical practitioner, corporation or other entity that you believe is responsible for your injuries. Most attorneys tend to work on a fee basis whereby if they lose the case they do not get paid, so their incentive is always one of successful conclusions. Other areas of compensation might be social security and disability, workers compensation, animal attacks and DUI, traffic offenses, felonies or misdemeanors.

Call Levy Law Offices to find a personal injury attorney Cincinnati. Their services cover all manner of legal incidents.


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