Gas Fireplace Heaters – Comfortable, Safe and Convenient

If you’re looking to furnish your home with a beautiful fireplace addition, you may want to look into gas fireplace heaters, also known as direct vent gas fireplaces. You can achieve excellent results in terms of warmth and comfort, as well as efficiency with these units – and they also require minimal room modification and renovation to have installed.

Safe Operation
These direct vent units are safe to use and very enjoyable for the entire family together around. They are not the same as the old-fashioned fireplaces that emitted sparks flying through a metal grate. These fireplaces dispel the harmful exhaust gases to the outside air, allowing you and those with you to breathe uncontaminated and clean air on the inside.

Efficient Operation
The old-style wood-burning fireplaces cannot even compare to the efficiency of new gas fireplace heaters. The old units dispelled much of the heat up through the chimney to be permanently lost to the outside air. On the other hand, direct vent fireplaces keep as much as 70% of the heat produced within the room to be enjoyed by everyone present. Any harmful gases are sent up through a duct to the outside air. Gas fireplace heaters can help you lower your heating utility bill by enabling you to depend less on your central furnace for heat.

Easy to Use
Many gas fireplace heater models can be switched on and off through the use of a convenient remote control unit. It has never been more convenient to produce heat from a fireplace in your room. You simply press a button or flip a switch and the soothing warmth coming from the flames begins to envelop the room.

Professional Installation
Installation of these units can be done relatively quickly and efficiently by a professional installer. You can even upgrade from your existing old-fashioned wood-burning fireplace to a new direct vent gas fireplace heater. Simply allow the professionals to handle all of the installation work for you.

When you’re in the market for a new direct vent fireplace, be sure to also consider the various styles and colors you have available to accommodate and enhance your interior decor. These gas fireplace heaters can provide you with the perfect combination of function, comfort and visual appeal all at the same time.

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