Contemporary Fireplaces: Types, Features and Benefits

If you are interested in adding some beautiful decor and charm to your residence, you may want to consider adding one or more contemporary fireplaces to your living spaces. These fireplaces are very popular with homeowners today and come in various options, including those that are powered by gas and electric burners.

Direct Vent

Contemporary fireplaces of the direct next variety take care from the outside and bring it through a sealed combustion system. The entire system prevents harmful gases from being dispersed into the living spaces of your residence – they are dispersed into the outside air.

Gas Powered

As it concerns a contemporary gas fireplace unit, there are several models that may be of interest to you. Each of these units uses natural gas to power the fire that can make your living space a warm cozy oasis. They are as follows:

B Vent

Utilizing the air inside the room to bring about combustion, a B vent fireplace dispels all harmful gases to the outside air.

Electric Powered Fireplaces

You can also find contemporary fireplaces that are powered by electricity using a 120 V connection. These fireplaces are convenient for living quarters that have tight spaces, such as condominiums, family homes, lofts, and apartments. They are easy to install and don’t have ventilation requirements.

Vent Free

Units of the vent free variety take are from the inside for combustion and they also dispel the exhaust fumes inside the living space as well. This is a fact that should be carefully considered by the potential user of such a unit. Quite frankly, other units that dispel gas to the outside air are safer and more desirable for the health of those inside.


Fireplaces of the contemporary variety have fire ratings. They are built as zero clearance fireboxes and can often be installed in any area of your home.

Some of the places in which you can install one of these fireplaces include the den, bedroom, living room, basement, and even the kitchen area. These modern units are quite powerful, easy-to-use, and can provide cozy heat for multiple areas of your home.

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