Front or Back Porch Awnings for Home

Does your porch face south? Southern exposure is terrific for warming your home in the cooler months. But as you probably know, the summer months can heat up your home and increase your monthly cooling bills. A porch’s location will determine how much time you spend enjoying it. If it’s too hot in the summer or, too close to the neighbor, there is a cost-effective solution to your dilemma. Porch awnings for home can eliminate these barriers and add value to your overall investment.

Customization Makes the Difference

There all types of canopy products and accessories on the market. National awning brands are made with superior framing construction and parts. These durable marine fabrics come in a variety of colors and styles are customized to fit patios, windows and porches. Fabric coverings will also block up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Various kinds of awning products are available for homes, including:

 * Large Awning Projections
 * Limited Space Awnings
 * Butterfly Awnings
 * Side by Side Awnings
 * Window Awnings

We Want Options
Another benefit of installing a porch awning is the opportunity to select the right accessory solution that addresses your individual preferences. A motorized control system will do the heavy work of extending and retracting the awning with the touch of a button. Manufacturers can provide a drop arm system that allows you to adjust the angle of your awning up to 160 degrees. There are also semi-motorized porch awnings for home installation.

Take Back Your Porch
We rely on the sun to brighten our days and sustain us in a variety of different ways. However, the sun’s harmful UV rays can strip your decking, degrade your furnishings and fade your fabrics. Investing in an awning solution will not only reduce the heat gain by more than 77%, it will also lower indoor temperatures. This saves wear and tear on your HVAC cooling system and your wallet. You can lower your awning to create more privacy and protect you and your family and friends from the rainy weather. In preparation for colder weather, you can fully retract the awning to where it safely stores via a mounted hood system.

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