Cell Tower Contractors in Minnesota – What Services Do They Offer?

Have you ever wondered how cell towers are created? For many, these massive structures just seem to pop up out of nowhere. Cell towers are usually located on the top of large buildings to provide a stronger connection and cover a larger area. However, telecom operators and wireless companies do not have their construction crew that constructs these towers. On the other hand, one look at a cell tower will tell you that this isn’t a job for your local builder. So how are cell towers constructed and installed at specific locations?

Wireless companies and telecom operators hire cell tower contractors in Minnesota to do the job. Unlike conventional builders, cell tower contractors have a decent amount of experience in the field. Using their experience and expertise, the contractors can not only construct the tower but also maintain it on a regular basis. However, these contractors do a lot more than simply construct cell towers. Here are just some of the services that they offer.

Electrical Services

Many contractors offer a multitude of different electrical services. For instance, they can help install high- and low-voltage wiring on high-rise structures. Usually, handling power cables is the job of an expert. However, many contractors have lots of experience in handling high-voltage wiring and can easily get the job done.

Erection of Towers

Setting up cell towers is a long and complicated process. Before work begins, comprehensive feasibility reports need to be created to decide the best possible location for the tower itself. The contractors will first carry out detailed feasibility studies to determine the best location for the construction of the tower. If the company has already decided a location, the contractors will get straight down to construction.

Using sophisticated tools and machinery, the contractors will erect high-rise towers. This also includes the excavation, grounding and clearing of the site before any construction can begin. Apart from installing cell towers, such contractors also offer installation for stealth towers and water towers.


After a while, cell phone towers need to be inspected and audited to make sure that everything is working smoothly. Obviously, this is much easier said than done. Climbing to the tower and checking the different frequencies and machinery in place can be quite difficult to say the least. However, many cell tower contractors offer these services, thus making it easy for companies to make sure that their towers perform at optimum levels at all times. Most contractors also take on civil engineering and troubleshooting contracts.

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