Four Types of Professional Mortuary Services You May Need for a Funeral

To help you make arrangements for your funeral, a funeral director at a mortuary can help you decide on everything from the type of service you’ll have to the final prayer at the funeral. Although it may be difficult for some people to think about their passing, it can save their families from making decisions while they are grieving. Here are four services that a mortuary offers.

Interring Body

Along with holding funeral services, professional mortuary services include interring the deceased’s body in the way that he or she has chosen. This could include preparing and embalming the body for a traditional funeral or cremating the body and putting the ashes into the urn that was selected for them.

Transporting the Body

As soon as the body is released by the coroner’s office, the mortuary will pick it up and transport it back to the funeral home. They will also take the casket to the church and/or gravesite if that is where the funeral services are being held. Some mortuaries may also transport the urn after cremation but most people choose to transport it instead so they can save money.

Filing the Death Certificate

Documenting the deceased’s information is another one of the professional mortuary services that you can expect when arranging your own or someone else’s funeral. This includes filling out information for the death certificate and ordering it for you. Although the paperwork isn’t difficult, most mortuaries charge a nominal fee for providing the service.

Reception Services

It is becoming common for friends and family to gather at the mortuary to say goodbye to loved ones. As part of their professional mortuary services, some funeral homes offer receptions and cater food for the friends and family of the deceased.

If you are pre-arranging your funeral, contact local mortuaries to discuss the service options from which you can select. Contact Elm Ridge Funeral Home and Memorial Park for more information. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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