For Your Wedding Flowers Choose A Bridal Bouquet In Charlotte NC

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Flowers

 Did you know that in ancient times women carried bridal bouquets of garlic and herbs to ward off evil spirits, ill health and bad luck? The Romans wore garlands made of herbs and spices for good luck and fertility. In customary Celtic bouquets, if a bride carried sage she was to become wise. If she carried dill, the flower of lust, she became vigorous, healthy and strong. In Victorian times, flowers became the secret couriers of lovers each having its own meaning. In our modern times, brides choose flowers for their bouquet based on their colors and shapes. Tossing the bouquet is an English tradition. Women would try to tear pieces of the bride’s dress and flowers to acquire some of her good luck. To escape the crowd, she would toss her bouquet and run away. Today it is tossed to single women with the conviction that whoever catches it will be the next to get married.

The bridal bouquet is a statement about what kind of bride you are. You can be creative when choosing flowers for your bouquet matching them to the colors of the dresses of your wedding party or of a theme. When choosing your Bridal Bouquet Charlotte NC, choose the prized specialists at Elizabeth House Flowers Inc. They can help you with your bridal bouquet, wedding ceremony flowers, alter flowers, centerpieces and much more. You can choose from fresh flowers or if you are looking for a bridal bouquet to keep you could try dried floral arrangements or silk arrangements.

Order safely online choosing seasonal wedding flowers such as roses, tulips and peonies for spring. For summer, choose from roses, calla lilies and sunflowers. Roses, hydrangea, carnations and irises are perfect flower choices for fall. Roses, orchids, tulips and evergreens are popular winter flowers. You can also choose your flowers by color. Pink for peace and harmony, white for purity, blue flowers or cheerful yellow flowers such as snapdragons or sunflowers.

Whatever you decide to choose for your Bridal Bouquet Charlotte, NC, you can be assured that you will have friendly, prompt service by a professional staff to help make your wedding day perfect.

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