How Professionals Repair Hail Damage in Indianapolis

by | Sep 24, 2013 | Construction and Maintenance

If your car has been the victim of hail damage, then you are well aware just how devastating it can be. Not only is it unsightly, but it can drastically reduce the value of your car, leaving it totaled if severe enough. Technological improvements have made repairing hail damage easier and more affordable than ever before. Don’t think that your car is irreparable when Hail Damage in Indianapolis can be fixed in as little as a day. Contact your insurance company today so you can determine if you may be eligible to have your car repaired at little to no cost to you. While the process of hail damage repair may seem daunting, it is a simple procedure that can restore your car to its original luster. Assess The Damage The first step in repairing Hail Damage in Indianapolis is to assess the locations that will need to be repaired. The technician will carefully inspect your car for dents and use these findings to determine the best method of repair. It is a good idea to clean the outside of your car so that all dents will be easily visible during the initial inspection.

Prepare the Vehicle Once a repair plan has been put in place, the technician will prep your vehicle by removing any indoor panels that are in areas of damage. The technician will also line your car with a protective barrier to ensure that they do not damage your vehicle further during the procedure. Make sure you have your car thoroughly cleaned out so the technician can have unobstructed access.

Repair the Damage Once the vehicle is prepped the technician will begin the repair process. Using specialized equipment, they will lightly massage all of the bumps away. Once the work is completed they will remove any debris from the procedure and any and all protective equipment that was put in place. They will assess the damage to ensure that all repairs have been made and then replace any interior panels that were removed. Don’t let unsightly hail dents cause you embarrassment any longer when hail damage repairs can be completed quickly and easily. Talk to a specialist in your area so you can get your car back to tip top shape. It can save you embarrassment and help retain the value of your vehicle.


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