Finding a Professional for Tub Reglazing Philadelphia

by | Aug 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

In this economy, money is a limited resource for many of us. You want a new tub, but you don’t have the money to get one. One option to consider is getting your tub reglazed. It can lengthen the life of your current tub or help put the final touches on your bathroom remodeling project. There are several things to think about as you consider finding a service provider for Tub Reglazing Philadelphia.

The process of reglazing involves applying a new coat of paint to the surface. The process can help rejuvenate your tub for a fraction of the cost of a new one. The reglazing lasts about six to seven years before it needs to be redone. The process is quick. Your tub can be used within twenty-fours so that there is as little disruption as possible to your life.

As you look for a professional to do your Tub Reglazing Philadelphia, there are some phrases that can be misleading. Avoid sites that use the terms “liquid porcelain,” “synthetic porcelain,” and “baking systems.” All of these phrases are misleading and lead to false assumptions. Remember that tub reglazing is not a permanent solution, and avoid providers who say otherwise.

Look for a provider who offers a guarantee and has experienced technicians so that the reglazing lasts long and looks professional. Also you should look for experienced technicians that use a micro etching system so that the bond will be strong. They should also use high-grade cleaning solvents so that the tub is clean before beginning the process to insure the best results.

Some other things to consider when looking for a provider for Tub Reglazing Philadelphia, is to make certain that they use a low build ceramic-substrate primer adhesive so that the tub is properly prepared to be reglazed. They should also use an ultra-pure top coat reducer so that the polymers in the coating are not damaged. Likewise, you want the provider to use a high quality adjustable air flow drying system to make sure that the glazing dries correctly. You do not want it to be over dried or under dried.

Finally, reglazing will not only make your tub look like new, but the provider should also be able to fix a crack, or even a hole. Deciding to take advantage of Tub Reglazing Philadelphia can help you in many ways.

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