Fertilizing Your Tomato Patch

by | May 3, 2016 | Fertilizer Supplier

Planting and growing a tomato patch can be a simple task if you know what to do. Tomatoes are very heavy feeders and require a lot of nutrients to flourish. Fertilizers are a great way to provide the much-needed nutrients for the tomatoes. You can use organic or chemical fertilizers to achieve the same result. The challenging part is knowing how to fertilize the patch and what fertilizers to use.

You want to make sure that you mix the soil in with the tomato fertilizer at the bottom of the hole before setting in the plant. This is because if the roots and the raw fertilizer come in contact with each other, there is a high chance of burning the plant. This can happen during the fruiting stage as well. To prevent burning during the fruiting stage, make sure you water the plant well before fertilizing it. After watering it, put the fertilizer about 6 inches away from the plant to ensure that it doesn’t flow down to the stem and burn it.

Before buying your fertilizer, get your soil tested for nitrogen levels. This will help you decide what type of fertilizers to use. You want to make sure there is a balance of nitrogen nutrients in the soil. A high level of nitrogen in the soil means you have to use a fertilizer with low nitrogen and high amounts of phosphorus. High nitrogen levels would leave you with a lush and leafy patch with very few tomatoes. If you can get it tested you can assume that it is balanced, unless there have been previous cases of sticky tomatoes in your crop. Choosing the right fertilizer is essential, but at BGI-USA they have well-balanced tomato fertilizers that can provide your tomatoes the nutrients they need. You can also watch videos on their YouTube Channel.

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