Offer Your Connecticut Clients The Option Of Canvas Photo Prints

Having the option to offer your clients a wide range of products and services is always an important consideration as a professional photographer. When you are working with a top photo lab in Connecticut, you have a literal custom printing and photo finishing shop at your disposal.
One of the most popular ways to mount and display photo images is through canvas photo prints. This is a very durable yet casual or elegant way to display treasured images in a format that is very different than a traditional framed picture.

The Benefits

For the professional photographer, having a photo lab that can complete canvas photo prints in a variety of styles, including the always popular Giclee wrap types of canvas, will provide customers with more ways to have those special memories on display.

The slightly textured look of the canvas is perfect for a retro, romantic, natural or earthy look. With different options in frames to add to the canvas, or just to leave it natural without a frame, these are a top seller for any type of photography from sporting events to nature shots and special events such as weddings and anniversaries.

People really like the option to use canvas because it is durable and sturdy without looking heavy or bulky. Additionally, the surface of the canvas gives more of a matte look to the photo as opposed to a traditional picture. This results in less glare and a better view of the image from any direction and in any lighting conditions.

Framing Options

As mentioned above, canvas photo prints can be framed in a more formal type of frame, more like a traditional photo or print. However, with a wrap type of canvas the image will fold around the frame, giving almost a multi-dimensional look to the art.

With the lightweight concealed frame and the light canvas, these images are very easy to hang in any location. They are perfect framed or unframed in a professional setting, such as a business office, or in the home.

The relatively low cost of photo printing on canvas also means that your clients can continue to add to their collection. A wall of family photographs on canvas or a collection of their favorite images is a perfect opportunity to continue to provide services to your Connecticut clients with unique options that are just what they want.

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