Family Therapy in Alcohol Recovery

by | Nov 2, 2016 | Health

Throughout the world, people struggle with alcohol. Unfortunately, alcohol does not only affect the addict, it also affects the family. Because of this, family therapy in Minnetonka is a good option for those who have a member with alcohol addiction. Without this intervention, families can face broken relationships, suicide, divorce, violence, financial losses, or even an early death.

Family Therapy Can Help

To help control an alcohol issue, evidence suggests that rehab centers are one of the best things to do, and family therapy should be a part of the rehabilitation. This way, both the addict and their family are getting the help they need.

What Does Family Therapy Do?

Family therapy is all about increasing the involvement of the family in the recovery process of the person suffering from an addiction to alcohol. A family therapist will focus on each family member’s emotional health, not just the addict’s health. Additionally, the therapy focuses on the independent nature of their relationships and how each relationship affects the family as a whole. The therapist also will focus on the mental health of each member.

Another thing that family therapy does is to help each family member look at their own behavior and make the changes they need to help the family as a whole. The therapist will also help the family look at their relationship patterns, which will help them to make a productive and positive change in the family. This is a small effort that can help in the recovery of alcoholism.

The Outcome

The ideal outcome of family therapy is to improve the condition of the family and of the addict. During therapy, each member of the family is taught to take a look at their behavior patterns and to look at the signs that there could be an issue. It also should teach members of the family how to control their anger and all of their negative emotions. Finally, it teaches families how to welcome the addict back into their lives following recovery.

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