Factors To Consider When Designing Traditional Kitchens

When you are designing a traditional kitchen; perhaps the biggest factor that you need to consider is – “why would you want to do that?” This could depend on what you think is the meaning of the phrase “a traditional kitchen”. Traditional usually refers to something that was common place in the past and that does not mean that it was a good thing back then. For most average people, the kitchens that they had to make do with in the past were often too small, too inefficient and not very nice places in which to spend time.

Today, We Demand More From A Kitchen

First of all, we have become very reliant on modern kitchen appliances. Everything from food blenders and microwave ovens to dish washers are considered normal in today’s home kitchens. Furthermore, we take for granted little things like accurate thermosets on our ovens and gas grills etc that are self igniting. Our forbears did not have such “necessities” in their traditional kitchens.

A Fully Modern Kitchen With A Traditional Feel To It

This concept would make more sense and could be something that you might like to see incorporated into your kitchen’s design. Keep all of the conveniences of modern living and package them in a way that resembles the appearance of an English county cottage kitchen from a few centuries ago.

Actually, this is not all that difficult to achieve. The key lies in the selection of the cabinets and work surfaces that form the backbone of today’s kitchens. You could start with a traditional look to the doors of your cabinets – the appearance of hand carved wood for example and brass handles and knobs. Granite or marble worktops can also provide a more traditional feel to a kitchen.

Space Constraints

Budget and lack of available space may well limit your traditional kitchen design ideas. For example:- do you have room for an antique (or reproduction) kitchen table, or, a Welsh dresser? Modern concepts like kitchen islands and breakfast bars were introduced to overcome the space restrictions in many of today’s kitchens. Having a kitchen makeover is a fairly major undertaking but kitchen extensions are even more expensive and time consuming. Probably, you will end up with some traditional elements tastefully blended into a modern scheme.

The expert designers at Zesta Kitchens will discuss you ideas on traditional kitchens with you and then come up with a design that accomplishes your ends without sacrificing modern efficiency.

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