Sleep Dentistry – A Pain-Free Treatment

When most of us hear the word “dentist,” we cringe.  Even if we’ve had nothing but positive experiences in the dental chair, it’s not a place that we want to be.  For many people, the thought of going to the dentist causes real anxiety.  A fear of needles, bad experiences, or sensitive teeth can make a trip to the dentist very frightening.  There’s a new approach to help patients have a pain-free dental visit: sleep dentistry.

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry can make all the difference for reluctant patients.  It is performed in the dentist’s office, not in a hospital.  A patient undergoing sleep dentistry is instructed to wear loose, comfortable clothing and to fast before the procedure. In the dentist’s office the patient is sedated. Once the patient is asleep, the dentist performs the needed treatment.  The patient awakens when the procedure is finished.  Patients are usually sleepy for a few hours after they wake up after being sedated.  It’s recommended that patients bring a friend or family member to care for them in the hours after sedation.

Is Sleep Dentistry for Me?

Sleep dentistry is a great option for anyone who needs extensive work done.  Because the patient is sedated, the dentist is able to work more quickly.  He is often able to do more work in a visit, which can result in fewer visits being needed to complete a procedure.  Sleep dentistry is also recommended for patients who have a fear of needles, gag easily, or have sensitive teeth.  Even the simplest procedures can be improved for those patients who are very anxious at the dentist’s office.

Who Can Perform Sleep Dentistry?

Not all dentists are comfortable with performing sleep dentistry.  If you are desiring to be sedated for your dental work, you need to be sure that your dentist is highly qualified and has many hours of experience.  For anxious patients, it is very important that you feel comfortable with your dentist and confident in her ability.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a consultation with a new dentist.  You’ll have an opportunity to discuss a treatment plan, ask questions about sleep dentistry, and see before and after photos of the work the dentist has done.  This is a chance for you to ask all the questions that you need in order to feel comfortable with the dentist you choose.  With a dentist in whom you are confident and sleep dentistry, you can have an optimal dental experience.

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